Permovable Films

For indoor and outdoor advertising use

Permovable graphic films are the first cleanly and easily removable film media for indoor and outdoor advertising use, which needs no overlaminate and still provides warranted performance for up to three months. These are non-PVC films, so they are green, environmentally safe, and can be easily disposed of. Removability is accomplished in seconds with a pressure washer. The thin profile of these films allow the material to conform to the surface texture, so they have the appearance of a painted graphic, rather than the thick, flat look of a vinyl graphic.This conformability helps eliminate the slip hazard associated with flat vinyl by conforming to the texture of the surface. Our films exceed Coefficient of Friction requirements under ASTM C-1028 testing.

This graphic film allows you to create promotional opportunities on streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and store entrances all of which are great advertising locations, without the costs associated with an overlaminate or using heat in application. Outdoor event marketing, promotional advertising at retail, temporary wayfinding applications, are now all possible with Permovable Graphic Films.


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